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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
An Improved Analytic Model for Power System Fault Diagnosis and its Optimal Solution Calculation
Shoupeng Wang
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract When a fault occurs in a power system, the existing analytic models for the power system fault diagnosis could generate multiple solutions under the condition of one or more protective relays (PRs) and/or circuit breakers (CBs) malfunctioning, and/or an alarm or alarms of these PRs and/or CBs failing. Therefore, this paper presents an improved analytic model addressing the above problem. It takes into account the interaction between the uncertainty involved with PR operation and CB tripping and the uncertainty of the alarm reception, which makes the analytic model more reasonable. In addition, the existing analytic models apply the penalty function method to deal with constraints, which is influenced by the artificial setting of the penalty factor. In order to avoid the penalty factors effects, this paper transforms constraints into an objective function, and then puts forward an improved immune clonal multi-objective optimization algorithm to solve the optimal solution. Finally, the cases of the power system fault diagnosis are served for demonstrating the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed model and method.
Keyword Power system,Fault diagnosis,Analytic model,Multi-objective optimization,Immune memory
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