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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Modified Differential Protection for Transformers in Wind Farms
Sujo P. George
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract The liberalization of electricity market and environmental concerns are the major driving forces for the development of Distributed Generation (DG). The mode of grid-connected wind power generation is becoming popular and has matured as a reliable DG technology. The voltage generated by the wind generator is stepped up to the higher voltage by the transformers before connecting to the grid. Operating algorithm of the differential relays for transformer protection used in the wind farms need to be modified to take care of the dynamic nature of fault current caused by the intermittent nature of the wind power. An algorithm for the differential relay is proposed in which dual slope characteristics are adjusted with varying fault level situation according to the wind generator in service as well as with the wind speed. A case study conducted for a typical wind farm shows that the proposed method avoids mal-operation of the differential relay in varying wind power conditions.
Keyword Distributed generation,Differential relay,Fault level,Transformer,Wind farm
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