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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 1, January 2018
Coordinated Control Strategy for Power Systems with Wind Farms Integration Based on Phase-plane Trajectory
Chao Qin
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract The dynamic characteristics of power systems become more and more complex because of the integration of large-scale wind power, which needs appropriate control strategy to guarantee stable operation. With wide area measurement system(WAMS) creating conditions for realizing realtime transient stability analysis, a new coordinated control strategy for power system transient stability control based on phase-plane trajectory was proposed. When the outputs of the wind farms change, the proposed control method is capable of selecting optimal generators to balance the deviation of wind power and prevent transient instability. With small disturbance on the base operating point, the coordinated sensitivity of each synchronous generator is obtained. Then the priority matrix can be formed by sorting the coordinated sensitivity in ascending order. Based on the real-time output change of wind farm, coordinated generators can be selected to accomplish the coordinated control with wind farms. The results in New England 10-genrator 39-bus system validate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed coordinated control strategy.
Keyword Wind power,Phase-plane trajectory,Transient stability,Coordinated sensitivity,Coordinated control
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