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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 5, September 2017
An Improved Single-Phase Full-Bridge ZVS Inverter with a Subtractive Coupled Magnetics
Rae-Young Kim
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract An improved single-phase full-bridge zero-voltage-switching inverter using a subtractive coupled magnetics is proposed in this paper. The proposed topology overcomes several drawbacks of the conventional ARCPI zero-voltage-switching inverter including two bulky capacitors which can cause problems such as the need for a protection circuit and voltage fluctuation of split capacitors. Also the proposed topology can reduce the number of devices required for ZVS through a simplified auxiliary circuit, thus achieving low cost and small volume and is applicable a modified unipolar PWM scheme. Detail mode analysis and design considerations are provided for optimal efficiency. In the end, the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed topology are verified experimentally under various conditions.
Keyword Soft-switching,Full-bridge inverter,Modified unipolar PWM scheme,Zero-Voltage- Switching (ZVS),Coupled magnetics
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