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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 5, September 2017
Visibility of Electric Distribution Utility Performance to Manage Loss and Reliability Indices
M. Esmaeil Honarmand
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract To achieve economic stability, distribution Company as an economic institution should be managed by various processes. In this way, knowledge of different processes is the first step. Furthermore, expectations, outputs, requirement data, and sub-processes should be extracted and determined. Accordingly, to assign the performance responsibility of each process, the decisionmaking points must be introduced and, the deviation or change in set-points should be investigated into processes. Also, the performance of processes could be monitored by introducing of the sub-indictors. In this study, a practical method is presented for monitoring of reliability and power loss indices from viewpoint components' supply chain into the distribution network. At first, the visibility model of the supply chain is illustrated by focus group and the sub-indicators are extracted for each process of this chain. Then, validation and verification of the sub-indicators are accomplished by the Delphi method and, an information dashboard is presented by confirmed the sub-indicators and statistics methods. Finally, the proposed method is investigated by real data in a typical network and the results are analyzed.
Keyword Distribution system performance,Power loss,Reliability,Statistical method,Delphi method,Visibility model
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