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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 5, September 2017
Fault Location for Incomplete-Journey Double-Circuit Transmission Lines on Same Tower Based on Identification of Fault Branch
Shoupeng Wang
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract This paper analyses the characteristics of incomplete-journey double-circuit transmission lines on the same tower formed by single-circuit lines and double-circuit lines, and then presents a fault location algorithm based on identification of fault branch. With the relationship between the three-phase system and the double-circuit line system, a phase-mode transformation matrix for doublecircuit lines can be derived. Based on the derived matrix, the double-circuit lines with faults can be decoupled, and then the fault location for an incomplete-journey double-circuit line is achieved by using modal components in the mode domain. The algorithm is divided into two steps. Firstly, the fault branch is identified by comparing the relationships of voltage amplitudes at the bonding point. Then the fault location, on the basis of the identification result, is calculated by using a two-terminal method, and only the fault distance of the actual fault branch can be obtained. There is no limit on synchronization of each terminal sampling data. The results of ATP-EMTP simulation show that the proposed algorithm can be applied within the entire line and can accurately locate faults in different fault types, fault resistances, and fault distances.
Keyword Power system,Double-circuit transmission line,Fault location,Phase-mode transformation,Fault branch
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