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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 5, September 2017
Impacts of Demand Response from Different Sectors on Generation System Well Being
A. Safdarian
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract Recent concerns about environmental conditions have triggered the growing interest in using green energy resources. These sources of energy, however, bring new challenges mainly due to their uncertainty and intermittency. In order to alleviate the concerns on the penetration of intermittent energy resources, this paper investigates impacts of realizing demand-side potentials. Among different demand-side management programs, this paper considers demand response wherein consumers change their consumption pattern in response to changing prices. The research studies demand response potentials from different load sectors on generation system well-being. Consumers sensitivity to timevarying prices is captured via self and cross elasticity coefficients. In the calculation of well-being indices, sequential Monte Carlo simulation approach is accompanied with fuzzy logic. Finally, IEEERTS is used as the test bed to conduct several simulations and the associated results are thoroughly discussed.
Keyword Demand-side management,Elasticity coefficients,Fuzzy logic,Generation system wellbeing,Time-varying prices
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