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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 4, July 2017
A Sequential Orientation Kalman Filter for AHRS Limiting Effects of Magnetic Disturbance to Heading Estimation
Jung Keun Lee
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract This paper deals with three dimensional orientation estimation algorithm for an attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) based on nine-axis inertial/magnetic sensor signals. In terms of the orientation estimation based on the use of a Kalman filter (KF), the quaternion is arguably the most popular orientation representation. However, one critical drawback in the quaternion representation is that undesirable magnetic disturbances affect not only yaw estimation but also roll and pitch estimations. In this paper, a sequential direction cosine matrix-based orientation KF for AHRS has been presented. The proposed algorithm uses two linear KFs, consisting of an attitude KF followed by a heading KF. In the latter, the direction of the local magnetic field vector is projected onto the heading axis of the inertial frame by considering the dip angle, which can be determined after the attitude KF. Owing to the sequential KF structure, the effects of even extreme magnetic disturbances are limited to the roll and pitch estimations, without any additional decoupling process. This overcomes an inherent issue in quaternion-based estimation algorithms. Validation test results show that the proposed method outperforms other comparison methods in terms of the yaw estimation accuracy during perturbations and in terms of the recovery speed.
Keyword Sequential Kalman filter,Attitude and heading reference system (AHRS),Magnetic disturbance,Orientation,Direction cosine matrix (DCM)
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