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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 4, July 2017
A Modular Disturbance Observer-based Cascade Controller for Robust Speed Regulation of PMSM
Young Ik Son
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract This paper deals with the robust speed regulation of a surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor (SPMSM) that is subject to parametric uncertainties and external disturbances. The proposed approach retains a conventional cascade control configuration composed of an outer-loop speed control module and inner-loop current control modules. Baseline proportional-integral (PI) controllers are designed for nominal modular systems without accounting for the uncertainties to set a desired control performance of the closed-loop system. After studied in both frequency and time domains, a reduced-order proportional-integral observer (PIO), as a modular disturbance observer, is incorporated with each control module to maintain the ideal performance of the modules. Theoretical analysis confirms the desired performance recovery of the augmented system with modular PIOs to the nominal system. Comparative computer simulations and experimental results validate the proposed cascade control method for SPMSM speed regulation.
Keyword PMSM,Cascade control,PI observer,Robust speed control
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