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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 4, July 2017
A Stipulation Based Sources Insertion Multilevel Inverter (SBSIMLI) for Waning the Component Count and Separate DC Sources
Edwin Jose S
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract The paper proposes a well structured, component count waned single phase multilevel inverter (MLI) topology, which drives three different modules viz. Stipulation Based Sources Insertion (SBSI) module, Level Count Increasing (LCI) module and Inter-Linking H-Bridge (ILHB) module. The SBSI module confronts the number of basic sources needed in series/parallel to achieve required magnitude for any particular level. The LCI possesses an offsetting dc source and opuses to increase the number of levels and the ILHB module links the SBSI and LCI modules. A developed Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation (HPWM) strategy has PWM pulses for the switches of LCI module while the switches of the remaining two modules function at fundamental switching frequency. A fifteen level version of the proposed stipulation based sources insertion MLI (SBSIMLI) topology is simulated in MATLAB R2010a and a prototype of the similar specifications is constructed to validate the performance by experimental results. The comparison between the developed SBSIMLI topology and the competent topologies shows many interesting facts.
Keyword Component reduced MLI,Hybrid PWM,Stipulation Based Sources Insertion MLI (SBSIMLI)
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