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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 4, July 2017
Thermal Analysis of a High Speed Induction Motor Considering Harmonic Loss Distribution
Pil-Wan Han
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract In this paper, a thermal analysis of a high speed induction motor with a PWM voltage source was performed by considering harmonic loss components. The electromagnetic analysis of the high speed induction motor was conducted using the time-varying finite element method, and its thermal characteristics were carried out using the lump-circuit method. Harmonic losses from tests in the high frequency region were divided into core loss and conductor loss components using various ratios, in order to determine the loss distributions for the thermal analysis. The results from both the calculations and experiment were validated using a high speed induction motor prototype operating at 20,000rpm.
Keyword High speed,Induction motor,Thermal analysis,Lumped parameter,Harmonic loss
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