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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 4, July 2017
Multi Case Non-Convex Economic Dispatch Problem Solving by Implementation of Multi-Operator Imperialist Competitive Algorithm
Mohammadreza Nabatirad
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract Power system analysis, Non-Convex Economic Dispatch (NED) is considered as an open and demanding optimization problem. Despite the fact that realistic ED problems have non-convex cost functions with equality and inequality constraints, conventional search methods have not been able to effectively find the global answers. Considering the great potential of meta-heuristic optimization techniques, many researchers have started applying these techniques in order to solve NED problems. In this paper, a new and efficient approach is proposed based on imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA). The proposed algorithm which is named multi-operator ICA (MuICA) merges three operators with the original ICA in order to simultaneously avoid the premature convergence and achieve the global optimum answer. In this study, the proposed algorithm has been applied to different test systems and the results have been compared with other optimization methods, tending to study the performance of the MuICA. Simulation results are the confirmation of superior performance of MuICA in solving NED problems.
Keyword Non-convex optimization,Economic dispatch,Meta-heuristic algorithms,Imperialist competitive algorithm
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