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JEET, Vol. 11, No. 1, January 2016
Body Segmentation using Gradient Background and Intra-Frame Collision Responses for Markerless Camera-Based Games
Daeho Lee
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract We propose a novel framework for markerless camera-based games. By using a visual camera, our method may yield robust human body segmentation with high performance comparable to the segmentation using depth cameras. The edges of human bodies are detected by subtracting gradient backgrounds, and human body regions are segmented by the operations based on mathematical morphology. Collisions between detected regions and virtual objects are determined by finding the colliding time using intra-frame positions of virtual objects. Experimental results show that the proposed method may produce robust segmentation of human bodies, thereby and the collision responses are more accurate than previous methods. Therefore, the proposed framework can be widely used in camera-based games requiring high performance.
Keyword Body segmentation,Gradient background,Mathematical morphology,Collision response,Camera-based games
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