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JEET, Vol. 11, No. 1, January 2016
Decision Making on Bus Splitting Locations Using a Modified Fault Current Constrained Optimal Power Flow (FCC-OPF)
Hwachang Song
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract This paper presents a method of decision on where bus splitting is needed to reduce fault current level of power systems and to satisfy the fault current constraints. The method employs a modified fault current constrained optimal power flow (FCC-OPF) with X variables for the candidate locations of splitting and for decision making on whether to split or not, it adopts soft-discretization by augmenting inversed U-shaped penalty terms. Also, this paper discusses the procedure on the adequate selection of bus splitting locations based on the results of the modified FCC-OPF, to reduce the total number of the actions taken.
Keyword Bus splitting,Decision making,Fault current constraints,Optimal power flow,Rerun optimization process
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