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JEET, Vol. 10, No. 2, March 2015
Power Quality Control of Hybrid Wind Power Systems using Robust Tracking Controller
Ho-Chan Kim
Area D - Information and Control
Abstract This paper presents a modeling and a controller design for a hybrid wind turbine generator, especially with an operating mode of battery energy-storage system and a dumpload that contribute to the frequency control of the system while diesel-synchronous unit is not in operation. The proposed control scheme is based on a robust tracking controller, which takes an account of system uncertainties due to the wind flow and load variations. In order to provide robustness for system uncertainties, the range of operation is partitioned into three operating conditions as sub-models in the controller design. In the simulation study, the proposed robust tracking controller (RTC) is compared with the conventional proportional-integral (PI) controller. Simulation results show that the effectiveness of the RTC against disturbances caused by wind speed and load variation. Thus, better quality of the hybrid wind power system is achieved.
Keyword Hybrid wind power system,Power quality control,Frequency control,Battery energystorage system,Dumpload,Robust tracking control.
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