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JEET, Vol. 10, No. 2, March 2015
Designs of 10 MW Air-core and Iron-core HTS Wind Power Generators
In-Keun Yu
Area B - Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
Abstract High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) synchronous generators can be designed with either an air-core type or iron-core type. The air-core type has higher efficiency under rated rotating speed and load than the iron-core type because of the iron losses which may produce much heat. However, the total length of HTS wire in the air-core type is longer than the iron-core type because the generated magnetic flux density of the air-core type is low. This paper deals with designs of 10 MW air-core and iron-core HTS wind power generators for wind turbines. Fully air-core, partially iron-core, and fully iron-core HTS generators are designed, and various stator winding methods in the three HTS generators are also considered, such as short-pitch concentrated winding, full-pitch concentrated winding, short-pitch distributed winding, and full-pitch distributed winding. These HTS generators are analyzed using a 3D finite elements method program. The analysis results of the HTS generators are discussed in detail, and the results will be effectively utilized for large-scale wind power generation systems.
Keyword Direct-driven,Offshore wind power,Superconducting generator,Superconducting wire,Wind power generation
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