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JEET, Vol. 10, No. 2, March 2015
A New Required Reserve Capacity Determining Scheme with Regard to Real time Load Imbalance
Yong Tae Yoon
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract Determination of the required reserve capacity has an important function in operation of power system and it is calculated based on the largest loss of supply. However, conventional method cannot be applied in future power system, because potential grid-connected distributed generator and abnormal temperature cause the large load imbalance. Therefore this paper address new framework for determining the optimal required reserve capacity taking into account the real time load imbalance. At first, we introduce the way of operating reserve resources which are the secondary, tertiary, Direct Load Control (DLC) and Load shedding reserves to make up the load imbalance. Then, the formulated problem can be solved by the Probabilistic Dynamic Programming (PDP) method. In case study, we divide two cases for comparing the cost function between the conventional method and the proposed method.
Keyword Operating reserve,Required reserve capacity,Secondary reserve,Tertiary reserve,Direct load control,Load imbalance,Probabilistic dynamic programming
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