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JEET, Vol. 10, No. 2, March 2015
Power System Oscillations Damping by Robust Decentralized DFIG Wind Turbines
Tossaporn Surinkaew
Area A - Electric Power Engineering
Abstract This paper proposes a new robust decentralized power oscillation dampers (POD) design of doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) wind turbine for damping of low frequency electromechanical oscillations in an interconnected power system. The POD structure is based on the practical 2nd-order lead/lag compensator with single input. Without exact mathematical model, the inverse output multiplicative perturbation is applied to represent system uncertainties such as system parameters variation, various loading conditions etc. The parameters optimization of decentralized PODs is carried out so that the stabilizing performance and robust stability margin against system uncertainties are guaranteed. The improved firefly algorithm is applied to tune the optimal POD parameters automatically. Simulation study in two-area four-machine interconnected system shows that the proposed robust POD is much superior to the conventional POD in terms of stabilizing effect and robustness.
Keyword Doubly-fed induction generator,Power oscillation damper,Inter-area oscillation,Robust control,Firefly algorithm.
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