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Recently Accepted Papers
AC Breakdown Voltage and Viscosity of Palm Fatty Acid Ester (PFAE) Oil-based Nanofluids
Mohd Safwan Mohamad¢Ó, Hidayat Zainuddin*, Sharin Ab Ghani* and Imran Sutan Chairul*
Optimum Arrangement of PMs in Surface-mounted PM Machines: Cogging Torque and Flux Density Harmonics
Samad Taghipour Boroujeni¢Ó, Vahid Zamani Faradonbeh* and Mohammad Ahiandy**
Nonisolated Two-Phase Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Zero-Voltage-Transition for Battery Energy Storage System
Chang-Soon Lim* and Kui-Jun Lee¢Ó
Sound Improvement of Violin Playing Robot Applying Auditory Feedback
Wonse Jo*, Jargalbaatar Yura* and Donghan Kim¢Ó
Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Slot Wedges Design for Increasing Performance of Railway Traction Motor
Huai-Cong Liu*, Sooyoung Cho*, Hyun-Seok Hong*, Kyoung-Jin Joo*, Sang-Hwan Ham** and Ju Lee¢Ó
Design and Fabrication of a Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Surface Using Fluidic Channels
Dong Chan Son*, Hokeun Shin*, Yoon Jae Kim**, Ic Pyo Hong***, Heoung Jae Chun****, and Yong Bae Park¢Ó
Electrical Contact Characteristics of Ag-SnO2 Materials with Increased SnO2 Content
Pengyu Chen*, Wei Liu** and Yaping Wang¢Ó
Sum of Squares-Based Range Estimation of an Object Using a Single Camera via Scale Factor
Won-Hee Kim*, Cheol-Joong Kim**, Myunghwan Eom*** and Dongkyoung Chwa¢Ó
A High Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter-based Li-ion Battery Charger with Adaptive Turn Ratio Variable Scheme
Yeong-Jun Choi*, Hyeong-Gu Han*, See-Young Choi* and Rae-Young Kim¢Ó
AC and DC Microgrids: A Review on Protection Issues and Approaches
Sohrab Mirsaeidi¢Ó, Xinzhou Dong*, Shenxing Shi* and Bin Wang*
Formulation of the Green¡¯s Functions for coplanar Waveguide Microwave Devices as Genetic Algorithm-Based Complex Images
DaJung Han*, ChangHyeong Lee* and Sungtek Kahng¢Ó
Research on the Influence of Inter-turn Short Circuit Fault on the Temperature Field of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Hongbo Qiu*, Wenfei Yu¢Ó, Bingxia Tang*, Cunxiang Yang* and Haiyang Zhao**
Compliant Ultrasound Proximity Sensor for the Safe Operation of Human Friendly Robots Integrated with Tactile Sensing Capability
Il-Joo Cho*, Hyung-Kew Lee¢Ó, Sun-Il Chang** and Euisik Yoon***
Vision-Based Local Obstacle Avoidance using Obstacle Dependent Gaussian Potential Field
Dong-Sung Pae*, Ye-Ri Cho**, Yun-Kyu Lee**, Hye-Yeun Chun**, Myo-Taeg Lim* and Tae-Koo Kang¢Ó
Demand-Side Management Program Planning Using Stochastic Load Forecasting with Extreme Value Theory
Young-Min Wi*, Seongbae Kong**, Jaehee Lee*** and Sung-Kwan Joo¢Ó
Effect of Thickness in Carbon Nanotube Electrode Layer for Electrochemi-Luminescence Cells Applications
Pakpoom Chansri*, Pattarapon Pooyodying** and Youl Moom Sung¢Ó
High Step-up DC-DC Converter by Switched Inductor and Voltage Multiplier Cell for Automotive Applications
Divya Navamani. J¢Ó, Vijayakumar. K*, Jegatheeesan. R* and Lavanya. A*
Ordinal Optimization Theory Based Planning for Clustered Wind Farms Considering the Capacity Credit
Yi Wang*, Ning Zhang*, Chongqing Kang¢Ó, Qianyao Xu*, Hui Li**, Jinyu Xiao**, Zhidong Wang**, Rui Shi** and Shuai Wang**
An Automatic Diagnosis System for Hepatitis Diseases Based on Genetic Wavelet Kernel Extreme Learning Machine
Derya AVCI¢Ó
Transform Domain Wiener Filtering Algorithm: Time Varying Non-stationary Case
Transform Domain Wiener Filtering Algorithm: Time Varying Non-stationary Case
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