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Recently Accepted Papers
Decentralized Observer-Based Output-Feedback Formation Control of Multiple Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
Ji Hyun Moon* and Ho Jae LeeĘ”
Design and Control Method of ZVT Interleaved Bidirectional LDC for Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Soon-Ryung Lee*, Jong-Young Lee*, Won-Sang Jung*, Il-Kwon Won*, Joung-Hwan Bae* and Chung-Yuen WonĘ”
Power Flow Algorithm for Weakly Meshed Distribution Network with Distributed Generation Based on Loop-analysis in Different Load Models
Hongsheng SuĘ” and Zezhong Zhang*
Micro-Grids Reliability Enhancement Under Different Penetration Levels of Hybrid DG Units
M. EssamĘ”, Y. M. Atwa*, E. F. El-Saadany*, S. Conti** and S. A. Rizzo**
Output Tracking of Uncertain Fractional-order Systems via Robust Iterative Learning Sliding Mode Control
Ehsan-Ghotb Razmjou*, SeyedKamal-Hosseini SaniĘ” and SeyedJalil-Sadati**
Short Term Load Forecasting Algorithm for Lunar New Year°Įs Day
Kyung-Bin SongĘ”, Jeong-Do Park* and Rae-Jun Park**
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Trajectory for Pedestrian Activity Recognition
Young-Nam Kim*, Jin-Hee Park* and Moon-Hyun KimĘ”
The High Resistance Measurement up to 100 P•ō using a Low Resistance, a Low Voltage Source and a Commercial Digital Multimeter
Multimeter Kwang Min YuĘ”, Sang Hwa Lee*, Jeon Hong Kang* and Wan-Seop Kim*
Analysis and Implementation of PS-PWAM Technique for Quasi Z-Source Multilevel Inverter
R.Seyezhai* and D.UmaraniĘ”
Level Number Effect on Performance of A Novel Series Active Power Filter Based on Multilevel Inverter
Korhan KaraarslanĘ”, Birol Arifoglu*, Ersoy Beser* and Sabri Camur*
A Single-Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner with a Frequency- Adaptive Repetitive Controller
Dang-Minh Phan* and Hong-Hee LeeĘ”
Fault Tolerant Control Methods for Dual Type Independent Multi-Phase BLDC Motor under the Open-Switch Fault Conditions
Yong-Hyu Kim*, Hong-Jun Heo**, June-Ho Park** and Jang-Mok KimĘ”
An Efficient Complex Event Detection Algorithm based on NFA_HTS for Massive RFID Event Stream
Jianhua WangĘ”, Jun Liu**, Yubin Lan* and Lianglun Cheng***
Fuzzy PID Control by Grouping of Membership Functions of Fuzzy Antecedent Variables with Neutrosophic Set Approach and 3-D Position Tracking Control of a Robot Manipulator
Mehmet Serhat CanĘ” and Omerul Faruk Ozguven*
High-Performance Elevator Traction Using Direct Torque Controlled Induction Motor Drive
Osama Mohamed Arafa*, Mohamed Elsayed Abdallah** and Ghada Ahmed Abdel-AzizĘ”
Maximum Power Recovery of Regenerative Braking in Electric Vehicles Based on Switched Reluctance Drive
Mohammad Masoud NamaziĘ”, Seyed Morteza Saghaiannejad*, Amir Rashidi* and Jin-Woo Ahn**
A New Reliability-Based Optimal Design Algorithm of Electromagnetic Problems with Uncertain Variables: Multi-objective Approach
Ziyan RenĘ”, Baoyang Peng*, Yang Liu** and Chang-Seop Koh***
Multi-Objective Optimal Predictive Energy Management Control of Grid-Connected Residential Wind-PV-FC-Battery Powered Charging Station for Plug-in Electric Vehicle
Mohammed Fathy El-naggar*,** and Adel Abdelaziz Abdelghany ElgammalĘ”
Robust Control of Current Controlled PWM Rectifiers Using Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks for Unity Power Factor Operation
Hakan AcikgozĘ”, Resul Coteli*, Mehmet Ustundag** and Besir Dandil***
Active Distribution System Planning Considering Battery Swapping Station for Low-carbon Objective using Immune Binary Firefly Algorithm
Ji-Ying Shi*, Ya-Jing Li*, Fei XueĘ”, Le-Tao Ling*, Wen-An Liu**, Da-Ling Yuan* and Ting Yang *
IPMSM Design for Sensorless Control Considering Magnetic Neutral Point Shift According to Magnetic Saturation
JaeWan Choi* Hyun-Soo Seol* and Ju LeeĘ”
DGA Gases related to the Aging of Power Transformers for Asset Management
Dongjin Kweon*, Yonghyun Kim*, Jangseob Lim**, Jihyeok Heo** and Yongho HurĘ”
Chaos Suppression in Fractional order Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator in Wind Turbine Systems
Karthikeyan RajagopalĘ”, Anitha Karthikeyan* and Prakash Duraisamy**
Analytical Modeling of Conventional and Miniaturization Three-Section Branch-Line Couplers
Kok Yeow You*, Nadera AL-AREQI*, Jaw Chung Chong*, Kim Yee Lee**, Ee Meng ChengĘ” and Yeng Seng Lee***
Simplified Synthetic Testing Facility with Modified TRV Circuit
Jin-Kyo ChongĘ”, Kyung Seob Lee*, Chang-Hoon Lee* and Gyu-Tak Kim**
Managing and Minimizing Cost of Energy in Virtual Power Plants in the Presence of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Considering Demand Response Program
Hassan BaratiĘ” and Farshid Ashir*
Power Gain during Partial Shade Condition with Partial Shade Loss Compensation in Photovoltaic System
Byung-Keun Yoon*, Chul Yun*, Nae-Soo Cho**, Sang-Back Choi***, Yong-Su Jin*** and Woo-Hyen KwonĘ”
Analysis on Current Limiting Characteristics of Transformer Type SFCL with Additionally Coupled Circuit
Seung-Taek Lim*, Seok-Cheol Ko** and Sung-Hun LimĘ”
Direct Power Control of PMa-SynRG with Back-to-back PWM Voltagefed Drive
Jeihoon Baek* and Sangshin KwakĘ”
A Study on Optimal Operation Strategy for Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Hybrid Energy Storage System
SunHo Bae* and Jung-Wook ParkĘ”
Comparative Study on SVPWM Switching Sequences for VSIs
G. VivekĘ”, Jayanta Biswas*, Meenu D. Nair** and Mukti Barai**
Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Method by Using the Envelope Model of Received Signal Based on System Dynamic Model of Ultrasonic Transducers
Jin-Hee Choe*, Kook-Sun Lee**, Ick Choy*** and Whang ChoĘ”
Overvoltage Protection Controller Design of Distributed Generation Connected to Power Grid Considering Islanding Condition
Jae-Hun Cha*, Kyung-Won Park**, Hong-Seon Ahn**, Kyoung-Min Kwon***, Jin-Hong Oh*, Philemon MAHIRANE* and Jae-Eon KimĘ”
Study of Eye Blinking to Improve Face Recognition for Screen Unlock on Mobile Devices
Chung-Hua Chu* and Yu-Kai FengĘ”
Orthogonal Waveform Space Projection Method for Adaptive Jammer Suppression
Kang-In Lee*, Hojun Yoon*, Jongmann Kim** and Young-Seek ChungĘ”
Compensation On-line of Errors Caused by Rotor Centrifugal Deformation for a Magnetically Suspended Sensitive Gyroscope
Chao-Jun Xin*, Yuan-Wen Cai*, Yuan RenĘ”* and Ya-Hong Fan**
Smart Air Condition Load Forecasting based on Thermal Dynamic Model and Finite Memory Estimation for Peak-energy Distribution
Hyun Duck Choi*, Soon Woo LeeĘ”, Dong Sung Pae*, Sung Hyun You* and Myo Taeg Lim*
Current Limit Strategy of Voltage Controller of Delta-Connected H-Bridge STATCOM under Unbalanced Voltage Drop
Gum Tae Son* and Jung-Wook ParkĘ”
A Novel Approved Mathematical Equation for Lightning Protection Angle
Arnon SinghasatheinĘ”, Weerapun Rungseevijitprapa** and Aphibal Pruksanubal*
Design and Development of a Novel High Resolution Absolute Rotary Encoder System Based on Affine n-digit N-ary Gray Code
Sarbajit Paul* and Junghwan ChangĘ”
New Control Method for Power Decoupling of Electrolytic Capacitor-less Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter with Primary Side Regulation
Mohammad Sameer Irfan*, Jong-Hyun Shin* and Joung-Hu ParkĘ”
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