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Recently Accepted Papers
Hand Gesture Recognition Suitable for Wearable Devices using Flexible Epidermal Tactile Sensor Array
Sung-Woo Byun* and Seok-Pil Lee¢Ó
Design of Robust Resonance Suppression Controller in Parameter Variation for Speed Control of Parallel Connected Dual SPMSMs Fed by a Single Inverter
Chul Yun*, Tae-Sung Jang*, Nae-Soo Cho**, Byung-Keun Yoon*** and Woo-Hyen Kwon¢Ó
Research on Liquefaction Characteristics of SF6 Substitute Gases
Zhikang Yuan*, Youping Tu¢Ó, Cong Wang*, Sichen Qin* and Geng Chen*
Small-Size Induction Machine Equivalent Circuit Including Variable Stray Load and Iron Losses
Mateo Ba?i?¢Ó and Dinko Vukadinovi?*
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field in the Vicinity of the Transformer Station of Overhead Power Lines
Said Ghnimi¢Ó, Adnen Rajhi**, Ali Gharsallah* and Youssef Bizid*
Implementation of Multilevel Boost DC-Link Cascade based Reversing Voltage Inverter for Low THD Operation
S. Nagaraja Rao¢Ó, D. V. Ashok Kumar* and Ch. Sai Babu**
Low Cost Motor Drive Technologies for ASEAN Electric Scooter
V. Tran Tuan¢Ó, S. Kreuawan*, P. Somsiri* and P. Nguyen Huy**
Magnetic Field Calculation and Multi-objective Optimization of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator with Coreless Stator Windings
Zhu Jun¢Ó, Li Shaolong*, Song Dandan*, Han Qiaoli** and Li guanghua*
Design and Implementation of PIC/FLC plus SMC for Positive Output Elementary Super Lift Luo Converter working in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
S. Muthukaruppasamy¢Ó, A. Abudhahir*, A. Gnana Saravanan**, P. Duraipandy*** and J. Gnanavadivel****
Practical Calculation of Iron Loss for Cylindrical Linear Machine
Sung-In Jeong¢Ó
Design of Linear Transverse Flux Machine for Stelzer Machine using Equivalent Magnet Circuit and FEM
Sung-In Jeong¢Ó
The Comparison of the Application of Two Different Color Quality Evaluation Methods
Hee-Suk Jeong* and Jeongduk Ryeom¢Ó
Modelling and Stability Analysis of AC-DC Power Systems Feeding a Speed Controlled DC Motor
Jakkrit Pakdeeto*, Kongpan Areerak¢Ó and Kongpol Areerak*
Capacity Optimizing method of Distributed Generators in Stand-Alone Microgrid Considering Grid Link-Characteristics
Soo-Kyeong Han*, Hyeong-Jin Choi** and Soo-Hwan Cho¢Ó
Prediction Intervals for Day-Ahead Photovoltaic Power Forecasts with Non-Parametric and Parametric Distributions
Joao Gari da Silva Fonseca Junior¢Ó, Hideaki Ohtake**, Takashi Oozeki*** and Kazuhiko Ogimoto*
A Stochastic Bilevel Scheduling Model for the Determination of the Load Shifting and Curtailment in Demand Response Programs
Ali Shayegan Rad* and Ali Zangeneh**¢Ó
Optimal Relocating of Compensators for Real-Reactive Power Management in Distributed Systems
Jagadeeswar Reddy Chintam¢Ó and D Mary*
Design of Space Search-Optimized Polynomial Neural Networks with the Aid of Ranking Selection and L2-norm Regularization
D. Wang*, S.-K. Oh¢Ó and E.H. Kim**
Design of Direct-Current Fuzzy Controller for Mitigating Commutation Failure in HVDC System
Benfeng Gao*, Kewei Yuan¢Ó, Peiyi Dong**, Chao Luo*** and Shuqiang Zhao*
Improvement in Active Power Control Methods for a Wind Farm Based on Modified Wind Turbine Control in Danish Grid Codes
JunBo Sim*, Il-Keun Song*, Yongseung Lee*, Hak-Ju Lee* and Yun-Hyuk Choi¢Ó
Coordinated Voltage Control Scheme for Multi-Terminal Low-Voltage DC Distribution System
Trinh Phi Hai*, Il-Yop Chung¢Ó, Taehoon Kim** and Juyong Kim**
Sensorless Control of IPMSM with a Simplified High-Frequency Square Wave Injection Method
Ahmadreza Alaei*, Dong-Hee Lee**, Jin-Woo Ahn¢Ó and Sayed Morteza Saghaeian Nejad*
Very Short-term Electric Load Forecasting for Real-time Power System Operation
Hyun-Woo Jung*, Kyung-Bin Song ¢Ó, Jeong-Do Park** and Rae-Jun Park***
A Modified MPPT Controller for Indirect Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive with Variable Irradiance and Variable Temperature in Interfacing with dSPACE DS-1104
B. Pakkiraiah* and G. Durga Sukumar¢Ó
A New High Power Factor ZVT-ZCT AC-DC Boost Converter
Naim Suleyman Ting
Variable-magnitude Voltage Signal Injection for Current Reconstruction in an IPMSM Sensorless Drive with a Single Sensor
Jun-Hyuk Im*, Sang-Il Kim* and Rae-Young Kim¢Ó
Modal Analysis of Point and Discretized Continuous Spectra for Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguides in the Terahertz Region
Jun Hur*, Hosung Choo* and Jong-Eon Park¢Ó
Parameter Identification of 3R-C Equivalent Circuit Model Based on Full Life Cycle Database
Yanbo Che¢Ó, Jingjing Jia*, Yuexin Yang*, Shaohui Wang* and Wei He¡×
A Novel Region Decision Method with Mesh Adaptive Direct Search Applied to Optimal FEA-Based Design of Interior PM Generator
Dongsu Lee*, Byung Kwan Son**, Jong-Wook Kim*** and Sang-Yong Jung¢Ó
Implementing a Dielectric Recovery Strength Measuring System for Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Young-Maan Cho*, Jae-ho Rhee*, Ji-Eun Baek* and Kwang-Cheol Ko¢Ó
Active GNSS Antenna Implemented with Two-Stage LNA on High Permittivity Substrate
Jong-Gyu Go* and Jae-Young Chung¢Ó
Complex Neural Classifiers for Power Quality Data Mining
S.Vidhya¢Ó and V. Kamaraj*
SEC Approach For Detecting Node Replication Attacks in Static Wireless Sensor Networks
L. Sujihelen¢Ó, C. Jayakumar** and C. Senthilsingh*
Topology for Non-isolated Boost DC-DC Converter: Analysis and Design
Farzad Mohammadzadeh Shahir*, Ebrahim Babaei¢Ó and Murtaza Farsadi**
A Vocal Tract Segmentation from MR Images using Level Set Method
RAMOU Naim¢Ó, CHETIH Nabil* and GUERTI Mhania**
Design and Fabrication of a Compact Passive Lowpass Filter with Very Ultra Wide Stopband
Gholamhosein Moloudian* and Massoud Dousti¢Ó
Micro-Grids Reliability Enhancement Under Different Penetration Levels of Hybrid DG Units
M. Essam¢Ó, Y. M. Atwa*, E. F. El-Saadany*, S. Conti** and S. A. Rizzo**
Output Tracking of Uncertain Fractional-order Systems via Robust Iterative Learning Sliding Mode Control
Ehsan-Ghotb Razmjou*, SeyedKamal-Hosseini Sani¢Ó and SeyedJalil-Sadati**
Chaos Suppression in Fractional order Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator in Wind Turbine Systems
Karthikeyan Rajagopal¢Ó, Anitha Karthikeyan* and Prakash Duraisamy**
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