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Recently Accepted Papers
Sliding Mode Control based on Disturbance Observer for Magnetic Levitation Positioning Stage
Zhang Shansi*, Ma Shuyuan¢Ó and Wang Weiming**
Fuzzy Control Strategy for Damping Sub-Synchronous Resonance
M. R. Qader
A Simple and Robustness Algorithm for ECG R- peak Detection
Md Saifur Rahman*, ChulhyungChoi**, Young-pil Kim** and Sikyung Kim¢Ó
A Novel-Type Velocity-controllable Electromagnetic Coil Launcher based on Voltage Control
Wenkai Huang¢Ó, Shi Huan* and Ying Xiao**
Experimental Study on Air Decomposition By-Product Under Creepage Discharge Fault and Their Impact on Insulating Materials
Hassan Javed¢Ó, Kang LI*, Guoqiang Zhang* and Adrian Traian Plesca**
Performance Evaluation of Regenerative Braking System Based on a HESS in Extended Range BEV
Kunagone Kiddee¢Ó and Werachet Khan-Ngern*
Complete and Incomplete Observability Analysis by Optimal PMU Placement Techniques of a Network
K. Bala Krishna¢Ó, K. Mercy Rosalina* and N. Ramaraj**
Fast Voltage-Balancing Scheme for a Carrier-Based Modulation in Three-Phase and Single-Phase NPC Three-Level Inverters
Xi Chen¢Ó, Shenghua Huang*, Dong Jiang* and Bingzhang Li*
A Novel SIME Configuration Scheme Correlating Generator Tripping for Transient Stability Assessment
Seung-Chan Oh*, Hwan-Ik Lee**, Yun-Hwan Lee*** and Byong-Jun Lee¢Ó
Single Line-to-ground Fault Location and Information Modeling Based on the Interaction between Intelligent Distribution Equipment
Lei Wang*, Wei Luo¢Ó, Liangjie Weng**, Yongbo Hu** and Bing Li***
Analysis on Temperature Distribution and Current-Carrying Capacity of GIL Filled with Fluoronitriles-CO2 Gas Mixture
Geng Chen*, Youping Tu*, Cong Wang¢Ó, Yi Cheng*, Han Jiang*, Hongyang Zhou* and Hua Jin**
Influence of Different Frequency Harmonic Generated by Rectifier on High-speed Permanent Magnet Generator
Hongbo Qiu*, Yanqi Wei¢Ó, Cunxiang Yang* and Xiaobin Fan*
Optimal Controller Design of One Link Inverted Pendulum Using Dynamic Programming and Discrete Cosine Transform
Namryul Kim* and Bumjoo Lee¢Ó
Fully Distributed Economic Dispatching Methods Based on Alternating Direction Multiplier Method
Linfeng Yang¢Ó,*,**, Tingting Zhang*, Guo Chen***, Zhenrong Zhang*,**, Jiangyao Luo* and Shanshan Pan****
Observations of Pulsed Bi-polar Discharges in Saline Solutions with Pin to Plate Electrodes
Bhum Jae Shin*, Jeong-Hyun Seo¢Ó and George J. Collins**
Battery State Estimation Algorithm for High-Capacity Lithium Secondary Battery for EVs Considering Temperature Change Characteristics
Jinho Park*, Byoungkuk Lee*, Do-Yang Jung**, and Dong-Hee Kim¢Ó
System Level ESD Analysis - A Comprehensive Review I on ESD Generator Modeling
Jawad Yousaf*, Hosang Lee* and Wansoo Nah*¢Ó
Design of a Compact Antenna Array for Satellite Navigation System Using Hybrid Matching Network
Juneseok Lee*, Jeahoon Cho*, Sang-Gyu Ha*, Hosung Choo** and Kyung-Young Jung¢Ó
System Level ESD Analysis - A Comprehensive Review II on ESD Coupling Analysis Techniques
Jawad Yousaf*, Hosang Lee* and Wansoo Nah¢Ó
Power System Enhanced Monitoring through Strategic PMU Placement Considering Degree of Criticality of Buses
Ajeet Kumar Singh¢Ó and Manoj Fozdar*
A Sensorless Rotor Position Estimation Scheme for IPMSM Using HF Signal Injection with Frequency and Amplitude Optimization
Jiadong Lu*, Jinglin Liu¢Ó, Yihua Hu**, Xiaokang Zhang*, Kai Ni** and Jikai Si***
Mathematical Modeling and Control for A Single Winding Bearingless Flywheel Motor in Electric/Suspension Mode
Yuan Ye*, Huang Yonghong¢Ó, Xiang Qianwen* and Sun Yukun**
Design of Self-Starting Hybrid Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Connected Directly to Line
Mustafa Eker*, Mehmet Akar¢Ó, Cem Emeksiz*, Zafer Dogan* and Ahmet Fenercioglu*
Fault Diagnosis of Transformer Based on Self-powered RFID Sensor Tag and Improved HHT
Tao Wang*, Yigang He*¢Ó, Bing Li*¢Ó and Tiancheng Shi*
Design of Robust Resonance Suppression Controller in Parameter Variation for Speed Control of Parallel Connected Dual SPMSMs Fed by a Single Inverter
Chul Yun*, Tae-Sung Jang*, Nae-Soo Cho**, Byung-Keun Yoon*** and Woo-Hyen Kwon¢Ó
Research on Liquefaction Characteristics of SF6 Substitute Gases
Zhikang Yuan*, Youping Tu¢Ó, Cong Wang*, Sichen Qin* and Geng Chen*
Design and Implementation of PIC/FLC plus SMC for Positive Output Elementary Super Lift Luo Converter working in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
S. Muthukaruppasamy¢Ó, A. Abudhahir*, A. Gnana Saravanan**, P. Duraipandy*** and J. Gnanavadivel****
Practical Calculation of Iron Loss for Cylindrical Linear Machine
Sung-In Jeong¢Ó
A Stochastic Bilevel Scheduling Model for the Determination of the Load Shifting and Curtailment in Demand Response Programs
Ali Shayegan Rad* and Ali Zangeneh**¢Ó
Optimal Relocating of Compensators for Real-Reactive Power Management in Distributed Systems
Jagadeeswar Reddy Chintam¢Ó and D Mary*
Active GNSS Antenna Implemented with Two-Stage LNA on High Permittivity Substrate
Jong-Gyu Go* and Jae-Young Chung¢Ó
SEC Approach For Detecting Node Replication Attacks in Static Wireless Sensor Networks
L. Sujihelen¢Ó, C. Jayakumar** and C. Senthilsingh*
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