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Recently Accepted Papers
Development of High Frequency pMUT Based on Sputtered PZT
Un-Hyun Lim*, Jin-Hee Yoo*, Vijay Kondalkar* and Keekeun Lee*¢Ó
Analysis and Correction of Through-bolt End-region Overheating and Breakdown Failure in a Large Tubular Hydro-generator
Zhi-ting Zhou*, Zhen-nan Fan¢Ó*, Jian-fu Li**, Kun Wen*, Bide Zhang*, Tao Wang*, Yan-kun Xia*, Zhang Sun* and Bing Yao*
A comprehensive Analysis of the End-to-End Delay for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Nasim Abbas* and Fengqi Yu¢Ó
Fault Diagnosis of a Nonlinear Dynamic System Based on Sliding Mode
Wenxin Yu¢Ó, Junnian Wang* and Dan Jiang**
Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation in Radial Distribution Systems using an Analytical Approach
Prem Prakash¢Ó and Dheeraj K Khatod*
The Impact of Wind Power on Structural Market Power
Bahareh Sirjani¢Ó and Ali Mohammadi*
Sliding Mode Control based on Disturbance Observer for Magnetic Levitation Positioning Stage
Zhang Shansi*, Ma Shuyuan¢Ó and Wang Weiming**
Measurement of a Threshold Initiation Carrier Density for a Reduction in Gas Breakdown Voltage
Hyunho Park* and Youngmin Kim¢Ó
Design and FPGA Implementation of FBMC Transmitter by using Clock Gating Technique based QAM, Inverse FFT and Filter Bank for Low Power and High Speed Applications
M. Sivakumar¢Ó and S. Omkumar*
Lumped-Parameter Thermal Analysis and Experimental Validation of Interior IPMSM for Electric Vehicle
Qixu Chen¢Ó and Zhongyue Zou*
Stability Improvement of Battery Energy Storage System considering Synchronous Inductance Effect of Diesel Generator
Jongmin Jo*, Hyunsung An* and Kwan-Ho Chun¢Ó
Optimal Design for Flexible Passive Biped Walker Based on Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization
Yao Wu*, Daojin Yao** and Xiaohui Xiao¢Ó
A multi-layer Fabry-Perot Microstrip Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth and Gain Characteristics
Yashar Zehforoosh¢Ó and Shalale Nouri*
Design of Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Considering Axial Leakage Flux by using 2-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis
Byeong-Hwa Lee*, Hyung-Il Park** and Jae-Woo Jung¢Ó
Self-Starting Excitation System with Low-Power Permanent Magnet Generator
Chong Hyun Cho* and Dong-Hee Lee¢Ó
A Load Identification Method for ICPT System Utilizing Harmonics
Chen-Yang Xia¢Ó, Wen-Ting Zhu *, Nian Ma*, Ren-Hai Jia* and Qiang Yu*
A Novel Approach of Feature Extraction for Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based on WPD-LLE-CSA
Yuehai Wang*, Yuying Ma¢Ó, Shiming Cui** and Yongzheng Yan**
A Comprehensive Model for Wind Power Forecast Error and its Application in Economic Analysis of Energy Storage Systems
Yu Huang *, Qingshan Xu¢Ó, Xianqiang Jiang*, Tong Zhang** and Jiankun Liu**
Differential Evolution Approach for Performance Enhancement of Field-Oriented PMSMs
Hong Min Yun*, Yong Kim* and Han Ho Choi¢Ó
Calculation of Magnetic Field for Cylindrical Stator Coils in Permanent Magnet Spherical Motor
Hongfeng Li*, Zigang Ma¢Ó, Bing Han**, Bin Li* and Guidan Li*
Electrical and Thermo-mechanical Properties of DGEBA Cycloaliphatic Diamine Nano PA and SiO2 Composites
Vaclav Mentlik*, Pavel Trnka¢Ó, Luka? Harvanek*, Jaroslav Hornak* and Libor Mat?jka**
Nonlinear Excitation Control Design of Generator Based on Multi-objective Feedback
Dengyi Chen¢Ó, Xiaocong Li* and Song Liu*
Experimental Study on Air Decomposition By-Product Under Creepage Discharge Fault and Their Impact on Insulating Materials
Hassan Javed¢Ó, Kang LI*, Guoqiang Zhang* and Adrian Traian Plesca**
Analysis on Temperature Distribution and Current-Carrying Capacity of GIL Filled with Fluoronitriles-CO2 Gas Mixture
Geng Chen*, Youping Tu*, Cong Wang¢Ó, Yi Cheng*, Han Jiang*, Hongyang Zhou* and Hua Jin**
Research on Liquefaction Characteristics of SF6 Substitute Gases
Zhikang Yuan*, Youping Tu¢Ó, Cong Wang*, Sichen Qin* and Geng Chen*
A Stochastic Bilevel Scheduling Model for the Determination of the Load Shifting and Curtailment in Demand Response Programs
Ali Shayegan Rad* and Ali Zangeneh**¢Ó
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