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Recently Accepted Papers
Modified Differential Protection for Transformers in Wind Farms
Sujo P. George¢Ó and Ashok S*
Control of Linear Compressor System Using Virtual AC Capacitor
Shin-Hyun Park* and Jong-Woo Choi¢Ó
Design of Fuzzy Logic Tuned PID Controller for Electric Vehicle based on IPMSM Using Flux-weakening
Ali Rohan¢Ó, Furqan Asghar* and Sung Ho Kim*
Individual DC Voltage Balancing Method at Zero Current Mode for Cascaded H-bridge Based Static Synchronous Compensator
Zezhou Yang*, Jianjun Sun¢Ó, Shangsheng Li**, Zhiqiang Liao* and Xiaoming Zha*
Theoretical Computation of the Capacitance of an Asymmetric Coplanar Waveguide
Chan Mi Song*, Gina Kwon*, Jong Min Lee*, Kang-Yoon Lee*, Youngoo Yang* and Keum Cheol Hwang¢Ó
Narrow Resonant Double-Ridged Rectangular Waveguide Probe for Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscopy
Byung-Mun Kim*, Hyeok-Woo Son** and Young-Ki Cho¢Ó
Utilizing Under Voltage Load Shedding Strategy to Prevent Delayed Voltage Recovery Problem in Korean Power System
Yun-Hwan Lee*, Seung-Chan Oh**, Hwan-Ik Lee**, Sang-Geon Park*** and Byong-Jun Lee¢Ó
A Framework for Wide-area Monitoring of Tree-related High Impedance Faults in Medium-voltage Networks
N. Bahador*, F. Namdari¢Ó and H.R. Matinfar**
A Game Theory Based Interaction Strategy between Residential Users and an Electric Company
Jidong Wang¢Ó, Kaijie Fang*, Yuhao Yang*, Yinchen Shi*, Daoqiang Xu** and Shuangshuang Zhao**
Improved Attenuation Estimation of Ultrasonic Signals Using Frequency Compounding Method
Hyungsuk Kim*, Jaeyoon Shim* and Seo Weon Heo¢Ó
New Control Method for Power Decoupling of Electrolytic Capacitor-less Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter with Primary Side Regulation
Mohammad Sameer Irfan*, Jong-Hyun Shin* and Joung-Hu Park¢Ó
PSO-Based Nonlinear PI-type Controller Design for Boost Converter
Sang-Wha Seo*, Yong Kim¢Ó and Han Ho Choi**
Spatio-temporal Load Forecasting Considering Aggregation Features of Electricity Cells and Uncertainties in Input Variables
Teng Zhao¢Ó, Yan Zhang* and Haibo Chen**
Electrical Characteristics of SiC Lateral P-i-N Diodes Fabricated on SiC Semi-Insulating Substrate
Hyoung Woo Kim¢Ó, Ogyun Seok*, Jeong Hyun Moon*, Wook Bahng* and Jungyol Jo**¢Ó
Optimal PID Controller Design for DC Motor Speed Control System with Tracking and Regulating Constrained Optimization via Cuckoo Search
Deacha Puangdownreong¢Ó
Planning of HVDC System Applied to Korea Electric Power Grid
DongHee Choi*, Soo Hyoung Lee**, Gum Tae Son***, Jung-Wook Park* and Seung-Mook Baek¢Ó
Dynamic Response Behavior of Femtosecond Laser-Annealed Indium Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors
Fei Shan* and Sung-Jin Kim¢Ó
A Class E Power Oscillator for 6.78-MHz Wireless Power Transfer System
Jong-Ryul Yang¢Ó
An Improved Analytic Model for Power System Fault Diagnosis and its Optimal Solution Calculation
Shoupeng Wang¢Ó and Dongmei Zhao*
A Novel Hybrid Converter with Wide Range of Soft-Switching and No Circulating Current for On-Board Chargers of Electric Vehicles
Van-Long Tran*, Dai-Duong Tran*, Van-Tuan Doan*, Ki-Young Kim* and Woojin Choi¢Ó
Optimal ESS Investment Strategies for Energy Arbitrage by Market Structures and Participants
Ho Chul Lee*, Hyeongig Kim¢Ó and Yong Tae Yoon**
Torque Sensorless Decentralized Position/Force Control for Constrained Reconfigurable Manipulator via Non-fragile H¡Ä Dynamic Output Feedback
Fan Zhou*, Bo Dong* and Yuanchun Li¢Ó
Characteristic Mode Analysis and New Ground Approach At a Heat-sink for Reducing EM Radiation
Seung-Han Son* and Chang-Hoi Ahn¢Ó
Coordinated Control Strategy for Power Systems with Wind Farms Integration Based on Phase-plane Trajectory
Yuan Zeng*, Yang Yang*, Chao Qin¢Ó, Jiangtao Chang*, Jian Zhang** and Jingzhe Tu**
Impact of User Convenience on Appliance Scheduling of a Home Energy Management System
Je-Seok Shin*, In-Su Bae** and Jin-O Kim¢Ó
Covariance Matrix Synthesis Using Maximum Ratio Combining in Coherent MIMO Radar with Frequency Diversity
Hyeonmu Jeon*, Yongseek Chung*, Wonzoo Chung**, Jongmann Kim*** and Hoongee Yang*
Calibration of Structured Light Vision System using Multiple Vertical Planes
Jong Eun Ha
A High Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter-based Li-ion Battery Charger with Adaptive Turn Ratio Variable Scheme
Yeong-Jun Choi*, Hyeong-Gu Han*, See-Young Choi* and Rae-Young Kim¢Ó
Formulation of the Green¡¯s Functions for coplanar Waveguide Microwave Devices as Genetic Algorithm-Based Complex Images
DaJung Han*, ChangHyeong Lee* and Sungtek Kahng¢Ó
Research on the Influence of Inter-turn Short Circuit Fault on the Temperature Field of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Hongbo Qiu*, Wenfei Yu¢Ó, Bingxia Tang*, Cunxiang Yang* and Haiyang Zhao**
Compliant Ultrasound Proximity Sensor for the Safe Operation of Human Friendly Robots Integrated with Tactile Sensing Capability
Il-Joo Cho*, Hyung-Kew Lee¢Ó, Sun-Il Chang** and Euisik Yoon***
Vision-Based Local Obstacle Avoidance using Obstacle Dependent Gaussian Potential Field
Dong-Sung Pae*, Ye-Ri Cho**, Yun-Kyu Lee**, Hye-Yeun Chun**, Myo-Taeg Lim* and Tae-Koo Kang¢Ó
Demand-Side Management Program Planning Using Stochastic Load Forecasting with Extreme Value Theory
Young-Min Wi*, Seongbae Kong**, Jaehee Lee*** and Sung-Kwan Joo¢Ó
Effect of Thickness in Carbon Nanotube Electrode Layer for Electrochemi-Luminescence Cells Applications
Pakpoom Chansri*, Pattarapon Pooyodying** and Youl Moom Sung¢Ó
High Step-up DC-DC Converter by Switched Inductor and Voltage Multiplier Cell for Automotive Applications
Divya Navamani. J¢Ó, Vijayakumar. K*, Jegatheeesan. R* and Lavanya. A*
Ordinal Optimization Theory Based Planning for Clustered Wind Farms Considering the Capacity Credit
Yi Wang*, Ning Zhang*, Chongqing Kang¢Ó, Qianyao Xu*, Hui Li**, Jinyu Xiao**, Zhidong Wang**, Rui Shi** and Shuai Wang**
An Automatic Diagnosis System for Hepatitis Diseases Based on Genetic Wavelet Kernel Extreme Learning Machine
Derya AVCI¢Ó
Transform Domain Wiener Filtering Algorithm: Time Varying Non-stationary Case
Transform Domain Wiener Filtering Algorithm: Time Varying Non-stationary Case
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