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JEET, Vol. 13, No. 4, July   2018
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.0-0 , 2018
Micro-Grids Reliability Enhancement Under Different Penetration Levels of Hybrid DG Units
University of Waterloo
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1407-1418 , 2018
Very Short-term Electric Load Forecasting for Real-time Power System Operation
Kyung-Bin Song
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1419-1424 , 2018
A Study on the Effective Downscaling Methodology for Design of a Micro Smart Grid Simulator
Yun-Seok Ko
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1425-1437 , 2018
Improvement in Active Power Control Methods for a Wind Farm Based on Modified Wind Turbine Control in Danish Grid Codes
Yun-Hyuk Choi
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1438-1449 , 2018
Design of Direct-Current Fuzzy Controller for Mitigating Commutation Failure in HVDC System
Kewei Yuan
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1450-1458 , 2018
Coordinated Voltage Control Scheme for Multi-Terminal Low-Voltage DC Distribution System
Il-Yop Chung
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1459-1473 , 2018
The Generator Excitation Control Based on the Quasi-sliding Mode Pseudo-variable Structure Control
Jian Hu
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1474-1482 , 2018
Capacity Optimizing method of Distributed Generators in Stand-Alone Microgrid Considering Grid Link-Characteristics
Soo-Hwan Cho
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1483-1493 , 2018
Probabilistic Load Flow for Power Systems with Wind Power Considering the Multi-time Scale Dispatching Strategy
Chao Qin
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1494-1503 , 2018
Prediction Intervals for Day-Ahead Photovoltaic Power Forecasts with Non-Parametric and Parametric Distributions
Joao Gari da Silva Fonseca Junior
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1504-1514 , 2018
Sensorless Control of IPMSM with a Simplified High-Frequency Square Wave Injection Method
Jin-Woo Ahn
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1515-1526 , 2018
Implementation of Multilevel Boost DC-Link Cascade based Reversing Voltage Inverter for Low THD Operation
S. Nagaraja Rao
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1527-1537 , 2018
A New High Power Factor ZVT-ZCT AC-DC Boost Converter
Naim Suleyman Ting
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1538-1547 , 2018
A Novel Region Decision Method with Mesh Adaptive Direct Search Applied to Optimal FEA-Based Design of Interior PM Generator
Sang-Yong Jung
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1548-1556 , 2018
Variable-magnitude Voltage Signal Injection for Current Reconstruction in an IPMSM Sensorless Drive with a Single Sensor
Rae-Young Kim
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1557-1564 , 2018
Modelling and Stability Analysis of AC-DC Power Systems Feeding a Speed Controlled DC Motor
Kongpan Areerak
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1565-1576 , 2018
Low Cost Motor Drive Technologies for ASEAN Electric Scooter
V. Tran Tuan
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1577-1584 , 2018
Magnetic Field Calculation and Multi-objective Optimization of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator with Coreless Stator Windings
Zhu Jun
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1585-1594 , 2018
Design of Linear Transverse Flux Machine for Stelzer Machine using Equivalent Magnet Circuit and FEM
Sung-In Jeong
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1595-1602 , 2018
Small-Size Induction Machine Equivalent Circuit Including Variable Stray Load and Iron Losses
Mateo Ba?i?
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1603-1612 , 2018
Detection and Classification of Demagnetization and Short-Circuited Turns in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Yong-Hwa Kim
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1613-1621 , 2018
A Three-Phase Line-Interactive UPS System to Eliminate the Inrush Current Phenomenon during Switching-in of an Auxiliary Load while Powering the Main Load
Byung-il Kwon
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1622-1628 , 2018
Analysis of Economic Replacement Cycle of Power Transformer Based on LCC Considering Maintenance Effect
Jin-Geun Shon
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1630-1636 , 2018
Electrical Properties of BaTiO3-based 0603/0.1F/0.3mm Ceramics Decoupling Capacitor for Embedding in the PCB of 10G RF Transceiver Module
Jung-Rag Yoon
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1637-1642 , 2018
Modal Analysis of Point and Discretized Continuous Spectra Modal Analysis of Point and Discretized Continuous Spectra for Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguides in the Terahertz Region
Jong-Eon Park
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1643-1653 , 2018
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field in the Vicinity of the Transformer Station of Overhead Power Lines
Said Ghnimi
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1654-1661 , 2018
Influence of SF6 /N2 Gas Mixture Ratios on the Lightning Streamer Propagation Characteristics of 22 kV MV Circuit Breaker
R. Gandhi
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1662-1671 , 2018
The Comparison of the Application of Two Different Color Quality Evaluation Methods
Jeongduk Ryeom
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1672-1680 , 2018
Comparative Study of DC Breakdown and Space Charge Characteristics of Insulation Paper Impregnated with Natural Ester and Mineral Oil
Jian Hao
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1681-1690 , 2018
Preparation of BaTiO3/Poly(vinylidene fluoride) 0-3 Composite Films for Dielectric Applications
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1691-1695 , 2018
Analysis on Electric Field Based on Three Dimensional Atmospheric Electric Field Apparatus
Hong-yan Xing
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1696-1703 , 2018
Output Tracking of Uncertain Fractional-order Systems via Robust Iterative Learning Sliding Mode Control
SeyedKamal-Hosseini Sani
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1704-1713 , 2018
Complex Neural Classifiers for Power Quality Data Mining
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1714-1722 , 2018
Design of Space Search-Optimized Polynomial Neural Networks with the Aid of Ranking Selection and L2-norm Regularization
Sung-Kwun Oh
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1723-1730 , 2018
Hand Gesture Recognition Suitable for Wearable Devices using Flexible Epidermal Tactile Sensor Array
Seok-Pil Lee
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1731-1738 , 2018
Policy Iteration Algorithm Based Fault Tolerant Tracking Control: An Implementation on Reconfigurable Manipulators
Bo Zhao
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1739-1750 , 2018
Implementing a Dielectric Recovery Strength Measuring System for Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Kwang-Cheol Ko
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1751-1757 , 2018
Parameter Identification of 3R-C Equivalent Circuit Model Based on Full Life Cycle Database
Yanbo Che
JEET, vol.13, no.4, pp.1758-1767 , 2018
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