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JEET, Vol. 12, No. 6, November   2017
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.0-0 , 2017
AC and DC Microgrids: A Review on Protection Issues and Approaches
Sohrab Mirsaeidi
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2089-2098 , 2017
Adaptive Gain-based Stable Power Smoothing of a DFIG
Yong Cheol Kang
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2099-2105 , 2017
Fault Location and Classification of Combined Transmission System: Economical and Accurate Statistic Programming Framework
M. H. Habibuddin
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2106-2117 , 2017
A Novel Online Multi-section Weighed Fault Matching and Detecting Algorithm Based on Wide-area Information
Xiaoyang Tong
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2118-2126 , 2017
Local-Generator-Based Virtual Power Plant Operation Algorithm Considering Operation Time
Sung-Yong Son
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2127-2137 , 2017
Evaluation of Solar-Diesel-Battery Hybrid System for Off-Grid Rural Electrification in Myanmar
Yong Tae Yoon
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2138-2145 , 2017
Dynamic Island Partition for Distribution System with Renewable Energy to Decrease Customer Interruption Cost
Wei Gu
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2146-2156 , 2017
Competition and Coalition of the Participants with Demand Response in Electricity Market
Kwang-Ho Lee
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2157-2165 , 2017
Forecasting Day-ahead Electricity Price Using a Hybrid Improved Approach
Jian-Zhou Wang
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2166-2176 , 2017
Very Short-Term Wind Power Ensemble Forecasting without Numerical Weather Prediction through the Predictor Design
Jae Hyung Roh
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2177-2186 , 2017
Fast Mixed-Integer AC Optimal Power Flow Based on the Outer Approximation Method
Wook Kim
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2187-2195 , 2017
Two-Stage Model for Security Network-Constrained Market Auction in Pool-Based Electricity Market
Mun-Kyeom Kim
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2196-2207 , 2017
A Strategy for Balanced Power Regulation of Energy Storage Systems in a Distribution System during Closed-Loop Operation
Jae-Eon Kim
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2208-2218 , 2017
An Artificial Neural Networks Application for the Automatic Detection of Severity of Stator Inter Coil Fault in Three Phase Induction Motor
Gayatridevi Rajamany
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2219-2226 , 2017
Research on the Mechanism of Neutral-point Voltage Fluctuation and Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control Strategy of Three-phase Three-level T-type Inverter
Shuangming Duan
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2227-2236 , 2017
Nonisolated Two-Phase Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Zero-Voltage-Transition for Battery Energy Storage System
Kui-Jun Lee
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2237-2246 , 2017
Inductor Design Method of DCM Interleaved PFC Circuit for 6.6-kW On-board Charger
Dong-Hee Kim
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2247-2255 , 2017
Energy-controlled Micro Electrical Discharge Machining for an Al2O3-carbon Nanotube Composite
Ho-Jun Lee
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2256-2261 , 2017
New Force Expression on Dielectrics: Equivalent Electrifying Current Method
Hong-Soon Choi
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2262-2267 , 2017
Maximum Power Tracking Control for parallel-operated DFIG Based on Fuzzy-PID Controller
Yang Gao
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2268-2277 , 2017
A Fault Diagnosis Method in Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter Using Output Current Analysis
Kyo-Beum Lee
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2278-2288 , 2017
PIR Speed Control Method of AC Motors Considering Time Delay in Speed Information
Jong-Woo Choi
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2289-2297 , 2017
Test Platform Development of Vessels Power Management System Using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Technique
Jee-Hoon Jung
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2298-2306 , 2017
In-wheel Motor Design for an Electric Scooter
Ji-Young Lee
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2307-2316 , 2017
Control of Linear Compressor System Using Virtual AC Capacitor
Jong-Woo Choi
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2317-2323 , 2017
Electrical Characteristics of Tunneling Field-effect Transistors using Vertical Tunneling Operation Based on AlGaSb/InGaAs
In Man Kang
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2324-2332 , 2017
AC Breakdown Voltage and Viscosity of Palm Fatty Acid Ester (PFAE) Oil-based Nanofluids
Mohd Safwan Mohamad
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2333-2341 , 2017
Design and Fabrication of a Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Surface Using Fluidic Channels
Yong Bae Park
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2342-2347 , 2017
Electrical Contact Characteristics of Ag-SnO2 Materials with Increased SnO2 Content
Yaping Wang
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2348-2352 , 2017
Dynamic Response Behavior of Femtosecond Laser-Annealed Indium Zinc Oxide Thin-Film Transistors
Sung-Jin Kim
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2353-2358 , 2017
Sum of Squares-Based Range Estimation of an Object Using a Single Camera via Scale Factor
Dongkyoung Chwa
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2359-2364 , 2017
Design of Adaptive Neural Tracking Controller for Pod Propulsion Unmanned Vessel Subject to Unknown Dynamics
Guo-Feng Wang
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2365-2377 , 2017
Sound Improvement of Violin Playing Robot Applying Auditory Feedback
Donghan Kim
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2378-2387 , 2017
Design of Robust Face Recognition System Realized with the Aid of Automatic Pose Estimation-based Classification and Preprocessing Networks Structure
Sung-Kwun Oh
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2388-2398 , 2017
Sampled-data Fuzzy Observer Design for an Attitude and Heading Reference System and Its Experimental Validation
Jin Bae Park
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2399-2410 , 2017
Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Slot Wedges Design for Increasing Performance of Railway Traction Motor
Ju Lee
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2411-2418 , 2017
Arc Detection System using a Spectrometer for Status Monitoring of a Rigid Catenary
Jae-Moon Kim
JEET, vol.12, no.6, pp.2419-2425 , 2017
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